RUSFA through Denoting Blood Campaign

The communications ministry with coordination journalists & media union have organized big campaign to denote blood with cooperation national center for traffic blood on Wednesday 3/ 11/ 2010 in H.E of the ministry to support national & human efforts to help casualties of terrorism attacks.

The campaign witnessed attendance many employees of the ministry and its forms where the number reached 160 donors. This campaign made simultaneously with terrorism attacks take place in Baghdad with both sides AL-KARIKH & RASFA resulted hundreds of wounded & killed people. Which should condemn it strongly?


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Big participation for communications ministry in Baghdad international fair

The communications ministry and its forms have participated in Baghdad international fair in 37 cycles which launched 1/11/2010 shall last for ten days in big suite attract concern the guests & the citizens in general including exhibits for the ministry among them productions of directory post & saving such as Iraqi stamps with different historical ages besides the projects implemented by ITPC & SCIS.

The fair is considering good opportunity to build deep relations with specialized international companies in order to improve & develop communications sector & to acquaint update technologies of these companies.

Among of the attendance AMEER BAAITY the technical deputy & Mrs. KHAIRIYA AL-MOUSUWY director general of foreign relations & media. The deputy expressed his concern on the exhibits in the suites especially in communications & information technology. He stressed to coordinate with existed companies in the fair to serve the ministry & develop it.


Directory of foreign relations & media

Brothers meeting festival

The ministry of communications has contributed in the brothers meeting festival the seventh, which has been held on the international railway station in Baghdad, Monday 25-10-2010 for 5 days.

On the behalf of the minister of communications Mrs. Khairia Al-Mousaway has represented the ministry of communication for invitation by the minister of culture Mr. Maher Deli. There was an exhibition for different crystal, cups dishes with stamps printed on these dishes. Advertising speed post, postal folders. Fliers, and so many books were offered by the researcher Mr. Zain Al-nakhshabandi one of the employers I the postal directory.

New postal issues coming soon as the director of the postal directory has assured represented all aspects of Iraqi situation.

The director of foreign relations and media

The ministry of communications is implementing Baghdad micro project

The ministry of communications has implemented Baghdad micro project to maintain the communications, and to avoid any error may affect it, hard effort by the technical and engineering stuff, in cooperation with one of the foreign companies has completed this project by three stages, at August they started to install micro equipment in 23 station, Baghdad, Dubat,, Khansa, Al Husseinia, Ghadeer, Al-fida, Talibia, Ameen, Zafurania, Ilwia, Jadirai, Shula, Abu Grab, and Baghdad international airport. With a capacity of 1STM and 1+7 to maintain the switches, to connect these switches and all services offered by them to all communications sectors like cell phone companies, this project will increase the quality of communications and its stability, this project works with security system by connect it with optical network, the project also strengthen communications infrastructure, hopefully the second stage will start in next June by adding 9 optical joins like Alrasheed, Al jihad, and it end with end of the next year as the third year.

This project listed on the Japan and the World Bank donation to reestablish the communications sector as integral communications system, to provide the best service in the communications sector in Iraq.

The director of foreign relations and media

Communications & environment ministries influence mobile telephones on environment

The communications ministry have organized environmental symposium to study the effects of mobiles in pollution the environment with cooperation environment ministry & all governmental bodies & offices to identify the people in general with media & educational campaign and risks on the environment.

The physician expert THAIER SHAFEQ TWEFEQ in environment ministry addressed lecture on Thursday 28/10/2010 under title clear environment from polluted with attendance employees of the ministry and its forms .they have been discussed the risks of communications means among them mobile telephone.

He has explained details on different radiation such as laser, maser & infrared & ultraviolet rays which effects & caused skin cancer ,eyes & stress also he discussed means of prevent it according to the international standards as well as golden rules such as moving away mobile on ear 2cm , eye 5cm & moving away during charging at least half meter as well as minimize period of call and shut it in hospitals when ride airplanes and necessary rid of expired battery as hurt electronic rubbish. We deduction that the future bear many answers for us.


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The communications minister, engineer Farooq Abdul Qader, call for encourage investment opportunities & participate private sector from specialized companies in communications sector to develop it especially, financial allocation insufficient to reconstruction.

High Excellency addressed his speech in the monthly conference which held by ITPC on Wednesday 13/10/2010 with attendance director general, many of officials & directors of communications in Baghdad & governorates to discuss means of development services which are provided by the company for the customers he added we can not progress without wide participation in investment field and the ministry should put into consideration the communications as priority due to our ministry contribute to provide more revenues.

His Excellency acquainted to the last projects which implemented by the ministry and its forms such as wireless project instead of fixed telephone and project of IN cards it is expected to be effected next month . Also he acquainted to the problems and means to overcome and provide requirements to achieve advanced steps in the work.

The conference included many issues such as internet & accelerates to provide it with high efficiency in all directories as well as discussion investment the fixed telephone which reached to the final stages.

The conference deal with project of submarine cable which will link Iraq with world countries through extend submarine cables in Arab culf water to join Asia & Europe across Iraq and using non- central control through new complain number ( 123 ) to link all directories and receives complains of customers centrally.


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Ministry of Education (MOE)

Project Management Certifications for citizens of Iraq

IRAQIMOC participated in insurance of project management certification programs for Iraq citizens provided by Business Value-Oriented Principles Ltd. ( The provided program titles are BVOP Certified Project Manager.

The program is initiated after the world-wide publishment of the Top Project Management certifications for 2020 of USA media.

The recommended management certifications are validated by in their list of “Best Project Management Certifications for 2019 and 2020


The Iraqi communications ministry participated in the Middle East universal conference for communications for 3-8/10/2010 in Dubi represented by high Excellency the engineer Farooq Abdul Qader, director general in the communications & internet companies & officials with attendance more sixty operators’ communications service.

High Excellency addressed his speech explained that the communications the main core & vibrant for communications in all the world countries. The ministry seeks to the generalization concepts the community of information & economic as main factors for economic development in Iraq through provide advanced technology for communications, information & human resources as well as the role of ministry in the region for last two years & achievements and stressed to call Arab & international companies to investment inside Iraq to provide financial resources & infrastructure to all communications service & internet.

The engineer Kassim M. Jassim director general of the ITPC addressed on technology bandwidth. They have discussed in the conference utilizing technology LTE to exchange Wimax technology. In the 3rd day the directors general of the communications & internet said about the investment and how to affect it to serve the companies & ministry.

There were several meetings with international & Arab companies resulted good news will be tangible in the near future on the communications sector in Iraq.


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The communication ministry team winning on the martyrs’ establishment 8-0 in football game made on Sunday 10/ 10/ 2010 in academy stadium in international SHAHIB stadium in Iraq fifth championship which sponsored by minister of sport & youth organized by sport & physical education directory .

The communications team recorded 3 goals in the first round & 5 goals in the second round. The championship arranged according to the system individual failure.

They will select best player from the participants’ teams to form team of Iraq establishments which cared & sponsored by supreme juridical council and participated it in foreign championship especially there is a call from Arab league. The first championship made in August 2009 which winning by interior ministry team while our team fifth ranked & cup ideal team.


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Experimental Test with Smart Card for Fixed Telephone in AL-Jadiriya

The experimental test according to the system smart card (cards) for fixed telephone in AL-KADHIMIYA switch after finishing it successfully in AL-JADIRIYA site which will last for 3 weeks.

This system shall be affected and the customer will witness the decrease using telephonic bills gradually in different switches in Baghdad & governorates.

An official source in the ITPC the working is still working & will choice ideal switch with specifications & telephone networks and after that generalization on all switches.

All these achievements by ordering the minister of communications, it is worthy of mentioning that there are two kinds of cards. First cards works for fixed telephone in homes & others moveable cards can be used by the customer with any fixed telephone and shall be three categories 5000 / 10000 / 20000 / Iraqi Dinars.


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The engineering & technical staffs in the I.T.P.C one of the forms of the communications ministry have made many achievements such as in Kirkuk communications directory for regions ALHMAL SHAPY, GHRNATA and telephone network in SALIM region of DALIA communications directory as well as channels & drainages to extend cables in ALKHALIS region besides, executed telephone networks in regions Rawa in Anbar governorate as well as in HAY MESSAN to HAY WAHIDA in Najef communications directory.


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The engineering & technical staff in the ministry of communications (ITPC) implemented six wireless stations with a rate 100% in both sides of Baghdad. In Rasafa executed stations in switches Hay al-Wahida, AL-Adhimiya club & AL-Jadiriya. In kirkh ABU GHRAB, MANSOUR & site of Abraham Abn Ali switches.

In other side the of Deyla communications & post directory install fiber optical cables for distance 5km in KHRINABAT region & fiber optical cable for distance 100 km with capacity of 24 extension with route AL-HWER to AL-JABASH across Basra . Also has been reconstructed post office of ANBER directory of communications & post and becomes ready to receive the people to provide multi- services.


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Among hundreds of the employees of M.O.C entertainment carnival made in ALWYAA club including employees of the M.O.C and its formations. The attendance of High Excellency the engineer Farooq Abdel Qader great influence on the attendances. His Excellency praised in his speech efforts that contributed in this communications Eid (festival) wishining to be this gathering for approaching and increasing the cooperation among all the employees within achievements and projects which are carried out by the efforts of the employees in the M.O.C to serve the Iraqi people.


Directory of foreign relations & media forth mobile license, the building shield for him.

The establishment of Al-rasid on of the civilian society establishment has given the honor shield to the minister of communications the engineer Mr.Farooq AbdulGadr for his effort to obtain the forth mobile license.
The H.E has praised the important role that the ministry is playing to obtain this license, through this license best service would be offered to the subscribers in addition to the service that the ministry is offering now, as its focus to bring the earth phone lines to life.


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The engineer Farooq Abdel Qader, the minister of communications has confirmed that the Fourth power Represent Bridge between official & Iraqi citizen to identify the performance of any institution or official.

He said that during his meeting with the staff of Iraqi centre of media & information in the headquarter of the communications ministry to honoring his Excellency with necklace & appreciation certificate for his efforts to serve Iraqi citizen.

His Excellency added the fourth power acts side by side with organizations of civil society to provide accurate information for the people whether it will be there negatives & positives for government institutions & officials. In any country has free & democracy will find the fourth power more freely & transparency in transmit all information among them Iraq as you see now there are many satellite channels , local newspapers ,institutions, media centers , agencies & others

Ministry of Communications (MOC)

Iraqi telecommunications &post company (I.T.P.C)